Last saturday Da Mouth held a book signing for their new book “Yes! 沖繩” (or Yes! Okinawa) at Shin Kong Mitukoshi near Taipei 101. I started liking Da Mouth ever since I saw them on Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang as I appreciated both their fresh sound and their varied backgrounds (1 is Japanese, 1 is Taiwanese/Japanese, 1 is Taiwanese/Korean/American and the other is Canadian/Taiwanese). They’ve been dubbed as the “asian Black-Eyed Peas” and that is partly applicable except Aisa is no Fergie.

Anyways, so I attended the book signing.
taiwan09 960
Aisa, the female vocal. She is only 155 cm, as tall as I am!

taiwan09 970
DJ Chun Hwa, not much to say about him as he’s not as cute as the other two :P. Great DJing skillz though!

taiwan09 1024
MC 40 (pronounced 四-零, shi-ling), the rapper in the group. Pretty cute and has smiley eyes that literally go like ^^ when he smiles.

taiwan09 1058
A group picture (along with the book signing they were also promoting Swatch products)

taiwan09 1017
Harry, the lead vocal. I actually got to have a conversation with him while he signed my book!

I knew he was an ABC, so I decided I would attract his attention by speaking english. So when it got to be my turn it went like this:

A: Hi Harry! I’m an ABC too!
H: Oh really? Where are you from?
A: I’m from Texas
H: Oh yeah? Well do you know where I’m from *sounded a little condescending but I chose to ignore this*
A: Yeah, you’re from San Francisco, I read your book.
H: Yeahhh, so you on vacation?
A: Yep.
Then it was time for me to move down the table and let the other members sign too, so even though he wasn’t supposed to shake hands with the fans, he stuck out his hand and said
H: Well thanks for coming!
A: No problem!

I was going to try a similar concept to MC 40, but he was too busy signing books and never looked up and I got too scared to attract his attention.

After I finished getting my book signed, I went into the mall to shop for a bit with my brother. Right when we came out Da Mouth was getting ready to leave the area and head to their next event. Playfully, I said, “Let’s watch them get into the cab!” So as we stood there near the street we saw Harry and Aisa get into their cabs. As the fans waved to them, Harry spotted me, and I think he recognized me because he waved at me! Of course I stayed calm and waved back, but I was pretty excited. ABC charms were put to good use that day.


So this afternoon I was bored and decided to rent Winds of September since I had read that Mao Di from Bang Bang Tang (now 毛弟 of newly-formed boyband 巧克7 Choc7) was in it and I have been wanting to watch it ever since it came out. After a little holdup at the video rental store (the poor clerk had to deal with me being an ABC who didn’t even know the address of the place she was staying at in Taiwan), I finally got my DVD and sat down to watch it.

The movie poster for Winds of September

The movie poster for Winds of September

Basically it’s a movie about the last year of high school (but I don’t mean they all graduate) of a group of seven friends in a taiwan high school set in the 90’s and the obstacles they face together and against each other. The movie was pretty good but I got confused at the end because I felt there wasn’t enough closure. It wasn’t until I read some other reviews and the director’s interview that I realized that it wasn’t supposed to be a happy ending (I guess i’ve been watching too many dramas, huh?) The cinematography was breathtaking as it showed you a suburban taiwan that is becoming less and less common as taiwan becomes more and more modernized. The story was good but I felt the romantic relationships between the characters could have been developed better, especially between sheng and yan-yan and the love triangle of yen, yun, and tang. However, I guess it was good that the movie didn’t fall into the typcial story plot of girl-dumps-boy-and-goes-for-his-best-friend-who-is-secretly-in-love-with-her. I think there was good chemistry between the boys although at times I felt like in real life the fat kid would never actually be able to hang out with a group of ‘cool kids’ like them.

And of course my last point is…why aren’t there any boys who look as good as them at my high school?!?!

I am definitely straight, but when I saw this MV by newcomer Cynthia Wang (who I, like tons of other people, probably got confused with Cyndi Wang 王心凌), I was totally blown away by how pretty she was. There are plenty of beautiful people in the taiwanese music industry, but this was the first person who I was just completely stunned by her looks. I think its her huge eyes that gives off a combination of cute and sexy at the same time. And thank goodness she actually can sing because lack of talent can make a person seem less attractive *coughFahrenheitcough* Not to mention she gets to be in the same MV as MC 40 from Da Mouth (who I get to see this saturday-yay!). He was probably drawn to her beauty and agreed to rap for her album, hehe.

So about two days ago I saw a new MV on MTV by Z-Chen Chang(張智成) called 暗戀, or “Secret Love”. It was just like any MV about a love triangle except for the fact that the love triangle was between a man loving another man who loved a girl. The MV depicted Z-Chen stealing glances at the other man and even had them hugging together shirtless in the rain.

Initially, since I had never seen this guy before I thought it was a new artist who was presenting himself in a unique way by publically expressing his sexuality through his music. However, after a quick glance on wiki i see he is Z-Chen, a malaysian singer who has been successful in taiwan (also the cousin of Fish Leong). As to whether he is actually gay or not, he refuses to directly answer the press, stating that whether or not he is gay should not affect the perception of his music.

While i wholeheartedly agree that one’s music should not be judged based on the artist’s sexuality, and putting my personal opinions aside, presenting himself as a gay artist could help Z-Chen stand out even more and attract attention (which i’m sure it has) as this is honestly the first MV I have seen that features a homosexual relationship. But at the same time it could possibly attract negative attention as asian countries are still very conservative about these issues (although interestingly enough many taiwanese movies deal with homosexual themes, i.e. Spider Lilies, Eternal Summer, etc.)Still, if he didn’t want the big deal from the media about whether or not he was gay, maybe he shouldn’t have made the MV…

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July 28, 2009

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